Monday, December 15, 2014

He is the Gift

Today I did something I haven't done in YEARS.  I am so completely out of practice, and it was awkward and hard for me.  But I did it.  I did it because I promised Heavenly Father I would, and that I would do it before the the new year.  So I did.  

I know it shouldn't be difficult.  This is the reason I am happy and truly the reason I am the person I am today.  But it was. 

Fransisco has been my neighbor for almost 5 years.  The guy is super nice.  We talk on occasion if I'm out with T-Rex in the front yard.  He doesn't belong to the Mormon faith.  And I shared a pass along card with him along with an ornament in the shape of a gift.  I told him Jesus Christ is very important to me, especially this time of year.  And if he wanted to watch a video to bring in the spirit of Christmas, that there was a special video that he could watch, and pointed to the back of the card.  I was nervous, shaking, and sweaty, but I kept my commitment that I made months back. My husband and kids were with me, and Hubby interjected, seeing my message tapering off, and let Francisco know that we appreciate being neighbors, and if they ever needed anything, that we are here.  

I've been fretting about this.  But I've also been calmed.  I believe I said what I was supposed to.  I learned this week that Heavenly Father doesn't count success as a conversion.  I don't have to convert Francisco to my faith, because ultimately that is his choice, but I do have the choice to invite him to Christ.  


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