Thursday, December 25, 2014

Picture A Christmas

On a day that is full of presents, food, and family, I had a special moment with my T-rex.  The energy of the day was overwhelming and as we were driving to Christmas dinner at our Wicked Fairy Godmother's home, Hubby and I were deep breathing and reminding ourselves that this time with our kids and family is what matters most.  That reminder and the spirit of Christmas helped me with extra patience with our overtired and over-sugared kids.  We had a family Christmas program.  Each of the families sang a primary song, and when T-rex was asked to sing, he said he would like to.  I asked him if he wanted to sing the song, Picture a Christmas, and he said yes. This is a song that I have sung to him every day in December, hoping he would learn it.  Grandma started playing the song, and he sang every word with me.  I was touched with the pure sweetness of the moment.  As soon as the song ended, T-rex said, "Let's do it again!!!" and Grandma played it again, so in front of everyone, we sang it again.  As soon as the song ended, he once again said, "Let's do it again!!!" but it was time for the program to move on.  That moment made my Christmas.  MADE. MY. CHRISTMAS.

(T-rex dressed as a shepherd for the family nativity on Christmas Eve.)

I love my sweet boy.  I love the glimpses of the peace and joy that make each day with these kids worth it.  

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