Sunday, January 4, 2015

JOY in the COUNTLESS small moments

I guess I named this blog, Joy in The Small Moments because I wanted to pay attention to the times that are joyful - and sometimes those times are small.  BUT there are SO MANY of these moments in a day.  You could say there are countless moments of joy with these small children. I LOVE my little ones.  Just thinking of the last 24 hours....thinking of my little guy.  We went and saw the Cristus at the Oakland Temple.  He learned that, (in his words) "Jesus has scars.  The bad guys put nails in His hands and feet.  They killed Jesus."  But then, with a little prodding, "He was resurrected."  Although at 3 years old T-rex doesn't fully comprehend everything, he is learning and growing.  In those moments when I hear him reverently talking to his Grandpa W. about it, I am brought to tears that this little boy is maturing, and one day he'll truly gain a testimony of his Savior.  But for now, he knows enough.

Thinking of the last day, I can't not think of the continued giggles of my kids, Love Bug giving T-Rex kisses for the first time, the dialogue they have been having with their grandparents, T-Rex singing "I love to see the temple" to everyone at Love Bug's 1 year birthday dinner, Love Bug eating a HUGE piece of chocolate cake and getting chocolate frosting all over her angelic face and smiling for pictures, T-Rex's prayer where he blessed everyone in the room by name to "sleep good" and watching Love Bug sleep peacefully on the drive to Oakland.   There were snuggles from both of my kids, kisses from Love Bug, and T-rex folding his arms for prayer before being asked. These moments are scattered throughout the day and I know if I'm not paying attention to them, I might miss them.  So that's the purpose of this blog, to catch those joyful and wonderful moments amid the daily ins and outs of life.  Catch them, find joy in them, and thank my Heavenly Father for them.

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