Sunday, January 25, 2015


We have been wanting to teach T-Rex about paying his tithing.  It is hard to teach a toddler who is just barely grasping numbers that we give one-tenth, but we attempted to monday night.  His Grandma K sent him $10 for his birthday and we needed to put it somewhere, and teach him.  So I took some little boxes that contained vitamins in them and then just covered them with some cute scrapbooking paper and added some stickers and walla!  Now he has a place to put his money.

I also made a chore chart because I want him to start helping out.  I used the simple chore chart tutorial here and then jazzed it up a little, because hers was too plain for me, and I had scraps left from the above project.  Now I just need to go and get it laminated and I am good to go!

I liked this simple chore chart because he can't read yet, and these pictures are pretty self explanatory.  It's easy to see what you have done and what you haven't.  I just want to set the expectation before I begin homeschooling him that there are things that we need to do each day.  We'll see how it goes!

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