Thursday, February 12, 2015

His Love is Always There and Yes, POOP

The next two stories have nothing in common, but the fact that both happened today:

So today T-Rex has been exceptionally difficult...or he's just a typical toddler.  You decide.  He just whined, and whined and whined.  He wouldn't do his chores, eat his food, or choose to obey anything.  I was trying to motivate him to get dressed and eat his lunch so that we could walk down to the park and play with his cousin.  I was trying to be understanding and helped him more than I would like to help him get dressed.  I was feeding him his food to try and help him get done on time for us to go.  I was so frustrated because even with all of my help, he was still whiny and uncooperative.  I just wanted to put him down for his nap.  BUT regardless if he DESERVED to go to the park or not, I felt he NEEDED to go to the park.  So after the struggle to get out the door, I pushed him and Love Bug all of the way to the park.  He played with sticks, dirt, rocks, went down slides, and enjoyed his time with his cousin.  I think our Heavenly Father feels the same way about us.  He sees that we are just struggling, and we truly do not deserve to be blessed, but He does anyway.  And for that I am grateful.  Truthfully I know I hardly deserve the blessings that I receive, and I am ever so grateful that He chooses to bless me.  I love that if I truly want to feel His love, I just have to ask - and it is ALWAYS there, deserved or not, it is simply, there.

On another note, not nearly as warm and fuzzy.  While we were at the park, I let Love Bug crawl around after her regular time swinging in the swings.  She was doing great and having a blast.  She started crawling towards me and I noticed for a minute she was holding something in her hands.  I thought it was just bark, because there was bark all over the playground and she usually picks it up.  Nope.  Not. So. Lucky.  I immediately said, "That better not be a dog turd."  Well, it was exactly what I dreaded (was it my punishment cause I said the word "turd"?) a nice big piece of doggie doo-doo.  I was mortified.  I wasn't prepared for this.  I had no wipes, not even a spare jacket...and the park doesn't have a working bathroom or drinking fountain because they don't turn those things on until winter is over.  Thankfully, my sister-in-law had driven to the park and as I realized what it was I asked her if she had some wipes.  She did and as she was running I was desperately trying to pry my daughters hand open (with a piece of bark, mind you, there was NO WAY I was going to touch the poop too.)  Well I start prying and trying to scrape the poop off of Love Bug, however in the process poop flips up hitting my eye and getting in my hair.  Long story short...she did get her hands wet-wipe cleaned, then doused in hand sanitizer, and continued on our merry afternoon.  I hate poop.  I just do.  However, if you want to laugh until you cry, I recommend this poop story....the BEST poop story I have ever read:  THE POOP STORY TO END ALL POOP STORIES.
Love Bug up in the swings...safely away from the poop!

And feel free to share in the comments when you were given something you didn't deserve, that was awesome, or something that wasn't awesome, like poop.

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